Root Canal Therapy

Have you ever noticed a bad smell from your mouth? It may not just be bad breath (halitosis)!

A tooth may require root canal treatment when a tooth is discoloured (a sign of trauma and possibly necrotic pulp) and when tooth decay cannot simply be removed and the tooth be restored with a filling. Several tests may be done on the tooth to determine whether the cause of tooth pain is the pulp. The pulp chamber is where nerves and blood vessels live. It can become necrotic, infected or exposed, causing you pain and discomfort.

Root canal treatment is an endodontic procedure that replaces the tooth’s damaged or infected and inflamed pulp with a filling. Several appointments are usually necessary to disinfect, shape and fill the canal. Digital xrays are also taken for this procedure. A porcelain crown may be necessary to protect the crown of the treated tooth and keep it structurally strong.

Just remember that sinusitus or sinus infection can also cause sudden tooth pain!