Oral Health Scheme

Dr. Vicky is a registered practitioner for the Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme (OHFFSS).

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Since 2000 NSW Health has introduced an alternative to deliver priority dental treatment to eligible patients in NSW. The OHFFSS engages private dental practitioners such as Dr. Vicky to provide priority dental treatment to public patients. The Scheme seeks to improve access to acute dental care for concession card holders and their dependents.

This Scheme offers an alternative way for those who are eligible for public oral health care to receive dental treatment.

The vouchers that can be issued under the Scheme cover emergency care, general dental care and dentures. The type of voucher issued is dependant on the dental needs of the client as assessed by a public dental clinician. It is the responsibility of the public dental clinician who is providing the initial assessment to determine who will be issued with a voucher as well as the type of voucher.

Eligible patients who receive a Voucher will receive the same range of treatment services that are provided in a public oral health clinic.

Where can I take my OHFFSS voucher?

Clients who have issued with an OHFFSS voucher can use it at iDental surgery. Dr. Vicky is a registered practitioner.


After receiving a Voucher for treatment from a public oral health clinic a Client should:

  • Contact iDental surgery to arrange an appointment as soon as possible or within 10 days of the date on the Oral Health Treatment Voucher.
  • inform the iDental team that they have been referred from a public dental clinic and require treatment under the New South Wales Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme.
  • Provide proof of identity and eligibility.
  • Give iDental surgery the Oral Health Treatment Authority Voucher.
  • On receipt of the required oral health care certify satisfactory completion of treatment on the Oral Health Treatment Voucher.

Please note: Any additional treatment offered by the private dentist outside that authorised on the Voucher should be discussed and clearly understood as this may incur fees payable by the Client.

Reference: http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/oralhealth/Pages/nsw_oral_health_fee_for_service_scheme.aspx